Fuchsia Sage Hearts

Fuchsia Sage Hearts


This design features small heart resin centers filled with bougainvillea from my garden and pink glitter with a green shift is sprinkled throughout. A preserved fuchsia sage flower dangle accents the beadwork.


Flower Meanings

Bougainvillea has traditionally been gifted as a symbol of peace, abundance, and goodwill between two people. This vibrant plant is also said to ignite passion in relationships.


Sage leaves are famous for their healing properties, white sage is especially known for being a sacred medicine to California Natives.

My pieces do not contain white sage, but fuchsia and red sage. These flowers symbolize holding someone in high esteem - having great respect for them, their wisdom, and their virtue.


Handmade in small batches with materials that are individually gathered and prepared, these resin centers are one of a kind. The materials are handpicked for their natural beauty and specific characteristics, giving each piece its own unique quality that cannot be replicated.


Surrounded by size 11/0 pearl, fuchsia, and pink silver-lined seed beads, these earrings are sure to turn heads with their beautiful sparkle. The backing material is a soft plant-based leather in a pink metallic finish. For your comfort, the hooks are made of sterling silver and are sensitive-ear-friendly.



These earrings are 1.5" in diameter and measure 3.5" long from the hook.

  • Care Instructions

    Although all earrings should be treated with care, these earrings feature a rose petal dangle that is fragile. Please take care when handling and wearing these earrings.

    Any damage to the petal while being worn cannot be covered and will not be returnable.

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