Wire Wrapped Blues Set

Wire Wrapped Blues Set


Handmade resin piecess with blue plumbago, white rose petals, and lavender buds from my garden. Silver glitter is sprinkled throughout and an abstract ink background in shades of blue swirls behind the flowers. Unique wire wrapping accents bring the set together while adding a distinct sculptural vibe to the jewelry.


Flower Meanings

Blue Plumbago, or Skyflower, is known for carrying wishes and keeping nightmares away. Katy flowers are said to bring the receiver a long and happy life filled with luck. Lavender has long been known for its calming properties and how it promotes gracefulness and deepening our connections with those we love. Roses are famous for attracting love and recognizing the beauty of life that constantly surrounds us.


Handmade in small batches with materials that are individually gathered and prepared, these resin centers are one of a kind. The materials are handpicked for their natural beauty and specific characteristics, giving each piece its own unique quality that cannot be replicated.


Size and Details

The pendant is 1.5" wide and just over 1" long (1.25"). Wire wrapped accent hook attaches the pendant to an 18” silver chain on the necklace with a lobster clasp for secure closure and a length extender for a custom fit.


Earrings measure 2.5" from hook to bottom of pendant. Wire wrapped accents attach the sterling silver hooks to the earrings, which are senstitve ear-friendly.

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